Inventory Pics - Large Live-edge Slabs

Welcome to our Large Slab Inventory pages. These slabs could be dining tables, executive tables, or counter tops.

Note that all measurements are in inches.

New claro walnut slabs available
BFC100-1 Claro walnut. huge slab will make a 12 foot table with amazing crotch figure. KOB5 Claro walnut. opening cut with intresting features. LO4 Claro walnut, huge slab for a huge table. MEWAL7-8 Claro walnut slab with amazing crotch figure
MJ3 Claro walnut. What was once one is now two! while this may look like a bookmatch set, these slabs were originally connected, but came apart through heavy bark inclusion at the crotch. A great pick for resin stabilization. MOD Claro walnut. This pair can be used to either make a live edge bookmatched table, or a resin stabilized rectangular table. A popular idea is to simulate the appearance of a river down the center.
MJ2 Claro walnut slab with crotch figure. R3 Claro walnut. this slab has amazing crotch and fiddleback figure. $2100    
Longwal3. Long Claro walnut slab great for countertops. 20ft.long $3600 Longwal2. Long Claro walnut slab great for countertops. 20ft. long. $3600



LW3 Claro walnut. This is the last slab available from this giant log. Call for price


WL-EMI 1, 4, and 5. These slabs can be paired up as a bookmatched table (4 and 5) ar sold individually as countertops. (there are 2 more slabs available in this flitch $1500 each or $3000 for set


Lwal1 Claro walnut $1400 Lwal2 Claro walnut $1600    
Lwal3 Claro walnut $3000    


Large long slabs for sale! LS1 is $2500, LS2 is $2500, LS3is $2000, (the rest of the slabs are sold)


AA35-3 Figured Claro walnut. $1500


TP1 Claro walnut slab. Wide slab cut from a 250 year old tree. Milled in 1995 when tree was in decline. Extremly rare in width and size. $2600.

LAA1-2 Claro walnut slab 48-61"X114"X12/4" 124bf. $2600


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