Inventory Pics - Boards

Welcome to our Boards page. These are Boards with straight milled edges. They are not milled to a uniform size, but rather milled as large as the log allowed.

Click on the image to enlarge. Most slabs have multiple images showing the A side, B side and somtimes an image of the slab treated with mineral spirits to simulate what the figure will look like when finished.


Assorted Boards. Claro walnut, sycamore, cedar and elm available. Please call for more info.


LT 62,63,64. Claro walnut slabs. Consecutive cuts.

$1800 for the set

BT2 4 Bastonge straight cut slabs milled from the same log. great for a dining table. $2400
BT1 3 Bastonge straight cut slabs milled from the same log with similar features. Kiln dried to 8% $2800


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