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Now is the time to get the materials you need for holiday themed projects. Do you need a special dining table for thanksgiving or christmas? Don't wait until the last minute! Order your Slab table top today. Right now take 10% off all listed prices in our inventory until september 2017!

We have an abundance of unphotographed small slabs available at bargain prices for in person purchases. These prices are not availabe on shipped orders, only in person pickups. Please call us to arrange a viewing appointment if interested.

Huge inventory sale! All of the slabs shown it the stacks below are for sale at discount pricing! Please call if interested, many of these slabs are shown below:
R1 claro walnut $5000 R2 claro walnut $5000 R3 claro walnut $5000 R4 claro walnut $5000
Lwal1 Claro walnut $5000 Lwal2 Claro walnut $5000 Lwal3 Claro walnut $5000 Lwal4 Claro walnut $3000
Lwal6 Claro walnut $4000 Akob2-6 Elm $1500 Akob2-8 Elm $1500 LK11 Claro walnut $1000

Lt 173 and LT174 Claro walnut Slabs. (LT175 is sold)


Elj 1 Cedar Slab $1500
Elj 2&4 Bookmatched Cedar Slabs $3000

Elj 4 Cedar slab $1500

(Elj 5 is sold)


LT 62,63,64. Claro walnut slabs. Consecutive cuts.

$3000 for the set or $1000 each


If you want to visit, please call us at (408) 847-8433 to arrange an appointment to view inventory on location. We don't have a retail store so when you visit our mill, we want to be sure someone is here to help you.


Below are links to our inventory pages.
We have a wide variety of sizes depending on your woodworking needs.When our slabs have dried to a proper moisture level, they are all cataloged and marked with measurements like the oneto the right. All slabs are marked with a name, next to the name is an A or B indicating which side is pictured. All slabs are marked with a length measurement, several width measurements, as the width will vary the length of the log, and a thickness measurement in quarters, so 12/4 is 3" thick. Some slabs have additional information labeled on them such as board footage and species. This slab has beautiful crotch figure running down the center of the slab. If you click on it, you will be directed to the large slab inventory page, where you can find similar sized slabs.
A popular alternative to large slabs is to join two smaller slabs together to make a large table top. We offer slabs that are consecutive cuts, when placed side by side display a "bookmatched"or mirror effect. Another popular solution is to join non matched slabs cut from the same log. Clicking here will direct you to our large bookmatched slab page.
We have medium sized slabs great for small dining tables, coffee tables, or computer desk tops. The image to the left is an example of a medium sized slab. Click to be directed to the medium slabs page.

We also have medium bookmatched and non matched slabs to select from. Click the image to the left to be directed to our medium bookmatch slab page.

Most of our inventory is California claro walnut, however if you are interested in something lighter, such as elm, myrtle, or cedar, we have some of these as well. Click on the image to the left to be directed to our light colored wood page.
Some of our slabs have organic features and many require a master woodworker to bring the slab to life, but when finished, these tables are well worth the investment. Below is an example of a slab with organic features. As you can see it needs a lot of work. The holes can be filled in with different colored stone to create various effects. One idea is to fill it with varying shades of blue stones to emulate a watery look and give the table top a landscape feel. Another idea is to make a computer desk and utilize the hole for the wires. With slabs like this you are only limited by your imagination.
We do have some small pieces available for the hobbyists out there. most are not cataloged or pictured online. please contact us if you are interested in small pieces.


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