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New years sale 2019!
Claro walnut slabs are offered at reduced pricing. Below are some examples of the slabs available as well as images showing what the figure looks like on these amazing slabs when finished. Many of these slabs must go before the winter rain begins. Many of these slabs are marked down in price starting around $500. We even have some small hobby pieces priced between $150-350. Price depends on size and quality. Please call us for details. This is the time to get a great deal on claro walnut just in time for the holidays.


OG1 Claro walnut slab with organic voids. Available for a great price but requres an expert woodworker to bring out the best.


Fig2 Claro walnut slab


Fig3 Figured claro walnut slab with some organic features. This one is available for special pricing.


XL3 and XL4 Extra long claro walnut slabs


XL1 and XL2 Extra long claro walnut slabs


LCW 18 1-1 and 1-2 Consecutive cuts.Long Claro walnut Slabs


Claro Walnut Mantel cut


RW18-1 Claro walnut round cut


WR-AA-1 Claro walnut round cut


We are now offering custom milling services. Do you have large pieces of lumber that you need milled to a specific, more managable size? contact us about arranging a visit and use our mills to cut your wood! We can resaw material up to 24 inches wide.

We have an abundance of unphotographed small slabs available at bargain prices for in person purchases. These prices are not availabe on shipped orders, only in person pickups. Please call us to arrange a viewing appointment if interested.

If you want to visit, please call us at (408) 847-8433 to arrange an appointment to view inventory on location. We don't have a retail store so when you visit our mill, we want to be sure someone is here to help you. If you would like information on a listed slab, please call. We prefer to discuss details over the phone rather than email.



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